The goal of Apeiron’s team from day-one has been to work closely with customers to help transform chemistry and bring about a revolution in catalysis and synthesis for R&D pipelines and manufacturing processes.

With the ability to fine-tune selectivity, activity and stability with unparalleled precision, regardless of the application, Apeiron is the right partner to deliver catalysts that contribute tangibly to value creation. By enhancing both the efficiency and yields of your chemical processes, our catalysts help to produce larger quantities of the desired product in a shorter time-frame, making a significant difference in reducing manufacturing costs, while compressing schedules, lowering energy demand and minimizing resource consumption. Apeiron offers extensive technical support, using high-throughput experiments and catalyst optimization to rapidly identify the most suitable catalyst with the optimal performance for your particular application.


Our Services

  • High Throughput Screening of proprietary metathesis catalysts for your particular synthetic needs
  • Optimization of metathesis reactions and processes
  • Development and manufacture of catalysts tailored for your  individual purposes
  • Manufacturing of your proprietary metathesis catalyst Synthetic route design implementing metathesis transformations
  • Intermediate/fine chemicals production (kg or MT/year capacity)



• Europe
Joanna Drygajło
Sales Manager and Technical Support
Tel.: (+48) 71-798-5621

• North America
Grazyna Szymanska, PhD
Global Business Development
Cell: (+1) 781-608-5859

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