Apeiron strives to offer the best metathesis catalyst for each reaction. This is a non-trivial task since every transformation is different and uses a unique combination of precatalyst, substrate, additive and solvent. To address this challenge, Apeiron developed a broad portfolio of patented and patent pending catalysts that can satisfy nearly any process using metathesis. Furthermore, Apeiron is able not only to deliver process specific catalysts but also to provide value to its clients across the whole R&D, implementation, and production process.



Good for en-yn reaction.

Order from:

nitro-Grela 1st generation

625082-83-9 AS2080


For R&D

Many of our catalysts are available and are in stock in grams quantities from Merck KGaA, Strem Chemicals Inc. and Tokyo Chemical Industries Inc.

For production

We can deliver our catalysts in kg quantities within 3-4 weeks.
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