3. High value chemicals from natural oils

Challenge: Recent advances in ethenolysis of renewable plant oils have created promising new pathways to commercially important specialty chemicals like methyl 9-decenoate and other unsaturated hydrocarbons. Further processing of such compounds with olefin metathesis leads to precious materials for the polymer industry: e.g., as illustrated below, self-metathesis of methyl 9-decenoate furnishes dimethyl 9-octadecenedioate. The price of production, largely driven by cost of the ruthenium metathesis catalyst needed for efficient conversion, remains a critical factor limiting application of these catalysts in production of bulk chemicals.

Apeiron’s Solution: Apeiron chemists have developed a catalyst characterized by exceptional efficiency in self-metathesis reactions. The unique design of the catalyst structure results in both high productivity and selectivity. UltraCat ensures high turn-over numbers at extremely low catalyst loadings, a critical performance characteristics for economically feasible dimerization of commodity chemicals.

Estimated catalyst cost per 1 kg product with UltraCat:

0.85 EUR

Estimated catalyst cost per 1 kg product with UltraCat:

0.65 EUR


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